Elephant Parade – Ootmarsum

The Netherlands elephants! We are so excited to be back in the country of our
founders. Elephant Parade Ootmarsum starts today. Find all the beautiful elephants in various impressive, scenic locations around the town and larger Ootmarsum area. There are maps to guide you on a perfect tour of the elephants. The parade is on until 30 October 2020.

Be sure to visit our Pop-up shop at VVV Ootmarsum-Dinkelland, Markt 9, 7631BW featuring miniature versions from the parade as well as from artists, brands, and celebrities who have supported Elephant Parade to paint a brighter future for Asian elephants.

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Galerie Dechaux Glasdesign
by Desiree Groot Koerkamp

Grotestraat – Ootmarsum (Twente).

Dechaux Glasdesign by Desiree Groot Koerkamp

Met onze 'Dechaux' techniek, een geheel nieuwe brandschilder-techniek, is het mogelijk gebrandschilderde glaspanelen te maken met heldere kleuren en geweldige transparantie. Dechaux Design past deze techniek toe in objecten, sieraden, portretten en (graf)monumenten. Panelen zijn ook goed toepasbaar in moderne architectuur.

Made by Dechaux Glasdesign by Desiree Groot Koerkamp. All rights Reserved.